Winter softness captured in a hat

Let yourself be enchanted by our new collection of winter hats, inspired by the magic of the season and designed to keep you warm with impeccable style.

“Coraline”: Beautiful Velvet Rain Hat

This bell-shaped hat is perfect for rainy days as it is waterproof and easily adjustable. Made of velvet felt, which, like cashmere for a sweater, is soft to the touch. It is also flattering to the face with its velvety appearance reflecting on the skin. This hat is lightweight, especially when crafted with finesse and lightness, as done by our Maison. Available in brown on our E-boutique. Click here to discover.

chapeau Coraline en velours brun - Maison Fabienne Delvigne

“Marion”: Our timeless classic

This velvet felt boater with a matching ribbon is simple and elegant, a perfect model for everyday wear: a timeless classic from our Maison. New to the collection, it is available in a new color, chic midnight blue! Also, find it on our E-boutique in anthracite gray and black. Click here to discover.

Fabienne Delvigne created this hat by combining the flat crown of the boater and the wide brim of a capeline. This creation, blending tradition and modernity, was also inspired by the understated elegance of Audrey Hepburn, the Belgian actress who spent her youth in Brussels.

Hat in velvet felt

“Katrina”: The Fashion Essential

This Fedora hat is trendy with its grosgrain ribbon adorned with a delicate metallic detail. Made of exquisite rain-resistant velvet felt, it will elegantly protect you from the cold. Ideal for the fall/winter seasons, it is available on our E-boutique in various colors such as pearl gray, navy blue, and bordeaux. Click here to discover.

The Fedora’s History

The Fedora hat has become an essential element of fashion. Although the style is often associated with men, the name “Fedora” comes from the hat worn by actress Sarah Bernhardt when she portrayed the heroine in Victorien Sardou’s play, Fedora. The brim of the classic Fedora is generally turned down at the front or to the side. As for the back brim of the hat, it is most often folded back, but it can also be uniformly lowered. This headpiece is now worn by both men and women.

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