At the core of Maison Fabienne Delvigne’s approach, the human element is a priority and one of the most important values of the company. Despite the years and the success encountered by the Maison’s creations, its creator has always favored personalized appointments in a beautiful private house rather than an impersonal store.

Maison Fabienne Delvigne stands out for its made-to-measure approach and its desire to value each client, offering them exceptional creations and accompanying them in their search for refinement and elegance.

These privileged moments allow the designer to better understand the personality and style of her client in order to choose with her the hat, possibly accompanied by a clutch, jewelry, or other accessory, that will enhance her appearance.

Maison Fabienne Delvigne loves to offer a unique experience to its clients.

In the same spirit and with a desire to further invest in the well-being of her clientele, the designer created the “Caring Hat” project in 2021. It’s mission is to meet the growing demand from women and men suffering from alopecia (hair loss) and seeking a more elegant and comfortable alternative to wigs or scarves.

This custom-made hat alternative meets a real need.

The “Caring Hat” resembles an everyday hat, allowing the wearer to not appear different or “sick.” It is personalized and fitted to each person’s physiognomy. It is made from soft and natural materials, ensuring great comfort. Individuals are received by appointment in a private house, for a “time out” moment, away from medical routines. The Caring Hat contributes to the well-being of the patient and helps restore self-confidence and self-esteem.

“A Caring Hat is an elegant and appropriate response to a painful situation, fulfilling the need to be seen for who one is.”

Caring Hat Fund Association

To further advance her social commitment, the designer is one of the founders of the Caring Hat Fund non-profit organization. The association’s mission is to provide a Caring Hat to individuals suffering from alopecia (hair loss) due to a serious illness and who lack the financial means to acquire one. Beneficiaries are selected by the medical staff of hospitals and partner associations.

Little Hepburn Bordeaux

Care & Softness

The Caring Hat collection is a line of hats, turbans, and caps designed for individuals experiencing hair loss due to a serious illness or intensive treatment (such as cancer). This collection, filled with gentleness and elegance, offers people a high-quality creation made from soft and natural materials, ensuring great comfort. It enhances the person’s beauty despite the illness and restores self-confidence.

Eco-friendly, it can be worn after the illness.

Exciting news !

Thanks to the association’s intervention, a law was passed at the end of 2022 for coverage by the INAMI (National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance) of up to €180 for a head covering in a medical context. The law still needs to be published in the Belgian Official Gazette for the coverage to take effect. The Caring Hat Fund continues its efforts to have health insurance companies and supplemental insurance providers also contribute to coverage.

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