Care & Softness


This line of hats, turbans and caps is designed for people with alopecia as a result of cancer treatment or serious illness.

An alternative solution to wigs and headbands offering adapted technical performance, psychological support and a competitive price.

This collection, filled with softness and elegance, aims to offer patients a quality creation, adapted, personalised and made to measure. To highlight their beauty despite the disease, to see them shine, to dream.

Thus, a true ally and symbol of courage, it will give you back your self-confidence and can also be worn after the disease.

Our Caring Hats


Chan Bonnet Fabienne Delvigne Caring Hat


A new horizon

Valina Chapeau Fabienne Delvigne Caring Hats


Warm and comforting

Audrey Chapeau Rouge Fabienne Delvigne Caring Hats


Colored serenity



Simple and trendy

Caring Hat vidéo

So comfortable

Fabienne Delvigne - Chinaty - Gris


Boldness regained

Fabienne Delvigne- Joséphine- Noir- Feutre


Source of softness

Fabienne Delvigne- Borsamalia-Fuschia-Feutre


Wave of calmness

Fabienne Delvigne- Bell hat-Tatiana-angora-black


Comforting elegance


“My name is Léa, I am 22 years old and in September I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Cancer is often associated with hair loss.

I was lucky enough to be put in touch with Madame Delvigne, a talented hatmaker, who arranged for me to have a hat fitting with her.

She managed to change my hospital routine for a day, into a sunny day away from the disease. I was able to try on a variety of hats, each one more original than the last.

When I was told I had cancer I immediately thought of the wig and when I started trying them on I never felt good, in fact I never felt like myself.

I didn’t really want a wig but I only realised that when I met Fabienne Delvigne. A woman can be beautiful in her illness with a hat, especially with her beautiful hats.

Marie Noëlle

“When I wear my turban people cross the road because I remind them of the illness.”

“Dear Madam, I was very happy to wear your hat and received many compliments. I didn’t think much about cancer during that evening and this light headdress made me feel good.”

« Normally the hat is worn. But, in certain circumstances, the hat carries you. »

Fabienne Delvigne

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