How to style your hair when wearing a hat

The hat is the perfect accessory to complete the outfit. Another question is what hairstyle best suits the outfit and the hat. In order to guide you in this choice, you will find below some advice and tips.

For a large hat, like a floppy hat or a raised hat:

A low bun at the base of the neck. This hairstyle immediately gives an elegant look and allows the face to stand out. The bun can be twisted or braided.

If you opt for the low bun, it is a good idea to place it slightly to the side so that you can see the hair despite the size of the hat.

It is highly recommended to take the hat with you to the hairdresser’s so that he or she can position the bun according to the hat and at the same time enhance the look.

The “tomato” bun, as it is called, can be tight or slightly loose.

The hair, when natural, will be very neat and shiny. Whether straight or wavy, the floppy hat or cap can highlight the face.

The braid is the must-have hairstyle of the season. Beyoncé is at the origin of this new trend.

For a small bibi hat :

The bibi is a small, feminine hat without a brim that is placed in front of the face, often just above the eyes. It can be worn at an angle, which will give a bold effect.

The bibi can be decorated with ribbon, feathers, flowers or a veil. It is held in place with a comb, clips or elastic hidden in the hair. We recommend a hairstyle with hair pulled back to reveal the face. This will give a perfect harmony to the whole.

It is ideal for a wedding or a ceremony.

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For a headband :

Feather headband -Roselin - Fushia - Maison Fabienne Delvigne

The headband is a very fashionable option. It can be worn in a variety of ways so that everyone can find their own personality in it.

For the classic style, it is worn close to the forehead on loose hair and especially if you have straight fringes.

For a more sophisticated style, it will complement a tied hairstyle, such as a bun, ponytail, braid or other.

For a more country style, it will be in perfect harmony with a more loose and wavy hairstyle.

For very curly hair, we recommend a wide headband placed delicately on the head to enhance your face.

For the headdress or trim :

Flower headdress - Vertigo Blue - Maison Fabienne DelvigneThe headpiece is a fashion accessory that perfectly complements a hairstyle. Usually attached with a comb, an invisible headband or an elastic band, it blends harmoniously with the hairstyle.

The headdress can complement a classic hairstyle such as a “tomato” bun, but can also enhance a less traditional hairstyle and blend delicately into a more sophisticated and/or asymmetrical bun. Loose strands should be carefully secured to complete the overall effect.

For the bride’s hairstyle :

The wedding dress and accessories not only dress the person, but also the personality. The same goes for the hairstyle.

For a conventional, chic and elegant wedding, the prim or loose chignon is a safe bet (as H.R.H. Queen Maxima of the Netherlands so often does). This chignon clears the face, the neck and shows off a nice décolleté. The chignon can be embellished with delicate baroque pearls, crystal sparkles mounted on thin ties that are easily placed in the hairstyle. These fine and delicate accessories will give an elegant and refined touch to the hairstyle. To match these pearls and crystals, you can also consider a veil in the same spirit.

For a more country wedding, the bride could opt for a more natural hairstyle or even long hair. Decorative accessories can be used for this type of hairstyle. The loose hair will be strewn with baroque crystals and pearls.

It is important to remember that the big day is “your day”. And you will be the focus of all eyes and lenses. Whatever you choose, you will be the centre of attention of all. Your outfit, hairstyle and hat must be perfect from every angle.

We wish you all the happiness in the world!

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