Our “Lisafortuna” headband is made in drapped banana fibers.


Carmine Red
Powder pink

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    Details of this headdress ceremony

    The “Lisafortuna” headdress is made of banana fibres and silk. A material of exceptional quality. It was made in memory of one of the designer’s “hat mothers”. This elegant headdress is so easy to put on. It can accompany your most beautiful outfits thanks to its very fashionable and trendy side. Wear this headdress for a ceremony, you’ll make the difference. It is available in several colours on our E-boutique and in our workshop in Brussels. It is available in white, beige, dark beige, powdered, red, orange and black.

    Handmade in our workshop in Brussels, Belgium, it can be made to measure in other colours and materials, according to your wishes.

    A beautiful story of the headdress ceremony

    This fiber from banana trees is often left on the ground or burnt. But thanks to the circular economy, it is purified and placed fiber by fiber in old looms. The result of this painstaking work is this sublime linen-like material. Moreover, thanks to this new opportunity, many women have been able to become independent and self-sufficient.
    Finally, after its arrival, the material is delicately and manually coloured. It is then sculpted and takes shape under the skillful fingers of the designer.
    In the creations, hats, headdresses and bags signed by Maison Fabienne Delvigne, you will find this slightly pearly raw material, a symbiosis of nature, humanism and art.

    Would you like more detailed information? We invite you to discover our article Banana fiber, a noble materialon our website


     Our accessories are first carefully wrapped in tissue paper and then placed in a glossy black box by Fabienne Delvigne.

    Then we place a certificate of authenticity next to the accessory. Finally, we delicately perfume with Eau de Cashmere by Guerlain. This reminds us of a beautiful collaboration between our two Maisons.

    You want to know more about this beautiful collaboration by clicking here.


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    Weight 0,880 kg
    Dimensions 40 × 30 × 27 cm

    Yellow, Off-white, Beige, Carmine Red, Powder pink, Orange, Black