Felt fedora

Fedora in burgundy with a felt ribbon, waterproof.



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    Details of this felt fedora

    This waterproof felt fedora is available in burgundy on our Eboutique. It is trimmed with a felt ribbon giving it a very feminine look.

    Timelessness and elegance guaranteed.

    The fedora hat: its history

     The fedora hat has always been considered a classic in the world of hats.

     At the origin, the name fedora comes from the hat worn by the actress Sarah Bernhardt when she played the heroine of the play “Fedora” by Victorien Sardou.

     Unavoidable, it is also worn by many actors like Humphrey Bogart in the film Casablanca, or Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones. It is also found in the film Borsalino by Alain Delon and Jean-Paul Belmondo.

     Finally, the fedora hat is a timeless accessory: it is worn by both men and women in everyday life.

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    Caring Hat” – Felt Fedora

    This hat has the particularity of being part of the “Caring Hat” collection. This is a collection imagined and thought for women and men suffering from serious diseases (cancer, alopecia, chemo, etc.). In addition, this hat covers the entire head or a large part of it. Thanks to its softness and its 100% natural materials, this hat is pleasant and comfortable to wear. Maison Fabienne Delvigne likes to help and encourage these people to regain their self-confidence. These hats can be made tailor made so that they fit perfectly to each face.

    On request, “hairpieces” can be added to the hat.


    “The hat helps to improve your self-image, to stay who you are and to feel better”.

    The hat really does contribute to feeling better and indirectly to the positive evolution of the disease.

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     Caring Hats are not a medical device but an effective way to contribute to the psychological well-being of the patient.


    Additional information

    Weight 0,600 kg
    Dimensions 29 × 27 × 16 cm



    56, 57, 58


    Wool felt

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