A hat for every face

If you want to add a trendy touch to your outfits with a hat, but you’re not sure which shape is best for your face ? 

Don’t hesitate any longer, this is the fashion accessory that will make all the difference. But how to choose this new accessory that will quickly become your must-have? Between the height of the cap, the size of the brim or the shape of it, the possibilities are diverse and varied… Like the glass pump that only fits Cinderella, each face shape has its own dedicated hats.

You will have understood it all is a question of physiognomy. If you have a long or oval face, almost all hat shapes will suit you. You have THE “hat face” par excellence. However, we advise you to opt for a medium height cap to avoid disturbing your balance. And if you want to bring width and pretend to have a shorter face, we advise you to turn to models with wide edges such as the capeline or the fedoras well inked to reduce the size of the font. A little tip to add a little clarity, wear them slightly tilted to the side or front. For men, the Tribly hat will highlight you.

Chapeau soleil - Fraline - maison Fabienne Delvigne



If your profile is more round, opt for fedoras. These will balance your rounded shape with its height and add verticality. For those lucky enough to have long hair, leave it loose to refine your face. The fedora hat will look great on men of this build. For you, cloche hats are to be avoided.



You have inherited marked, angular features with a square tendency? Those we recommend will have for main objective to round your features by softening them. A rather round cap with a medium brim like the cloche hat or the small cape will suit you perfectly. For men, the fedora will be your perfect companion.

Fabienne Delvigne - Chapeau capeline - Gladys - Rose



Finally, if you are tall, a large brim will balance you beautifully. For the small of size, opt rather for raised hats with a high cap to lengthen you. Avoid kennedy’s, pillboxes, you will look older.

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to pick the hat that will reflect your sparkling personality. We’re sure that no matter who you are, you’ll find the right accessory to make you look your best in our selection of hats that you can discover here.

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