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Ceremony hat Brussels : Maison Fabienne Delvigne

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Custom made hat

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 What hat to wear when invited to a wedding?

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Women wedding trends of this year

This year hat and accessory trends for women are brightly coloured. Fushia is making a comeback in our wardrobes. After the difficult times we have been through in the last few years, Fabienne Delvigne wanted to bring you a breath of fresh air with its new “Lightness Wind” collection, with new hats that are ever more daring in their cuts and colours.

Our new hats, like the spectacular Odalia above, will be perfect for both the bride and her guests. They will brighten up your outfit on the big day and illuminate your face with elegance and femininity.

How to choose your headdress for a wedding?

La Maison of Fabienne Delvigne, as a hat designer, is pleased to share its advice with you so that you can find the rare pearl for your big day. When you buy a hat in our house, the whole harmony of the outfit will be based on this piece which will be the star of your outfit. Indeed, we propose hats of a great exception by their originality but also their audacious forms and colours. The choice of your headpiece will therefore determine the rest of your outfit, whether it is your dress or your other accessories such as your bag or shoes.

However, if you choose to buy your dress and accessories before the creation of your headdress, we will do our utmost to create an elegant and daring creation that will blend perfectly with the colours already present in your outfit in order to best illuminate your face for the big day. It is therefore important to keep in mind when creating your bridal outfit that the hat should match the colours, fabrics and patterns of your dress, shoes and bag.

chapeaux mariage pour femme
Chapeaux Amigo Haut de Forme paille - Maison Fabienne Delvigne

Men Wedding Trends of this year

At the beginning of the wedding season, Maison Fabienne Delvigne is pleased to release its collection of hats for the bride and groom. On this very special day, our desire is to sublimate not only the bride but also the groom. We have therefore created a collection of simple and refined hats for men.

This year, unlike women’s fashion, the trend for men leans towards warm colors such as chocolate, various shades of blue, or light brown. Light colors like off-white or beige still remain safe choices and very elegant model options, as showcased in our creation “Jack” in the photo.

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