The end of the myth of the « Hat face » !

Who has never heard the expression around hats that can be summed up in the following two words: « hat face »? Some are addicted to this accessory and others just don’t dare to wear it because they do not think they don’t look good wearing hats. It’s time to break this myth and reassure women, there is a hat for all face shapes! You can find below a guide to help you choose the hat that will beautify your face and make you addicted to hats!

  • For the one with the oval faces, good news, everything looks good on you! You can choose a round, square or even more elaborate and structured hats or turbans.
  • If you have a long face, the best option is to wear with hats whose caps are not too high. You should look for hat with shapes while thinking not to compact the silhouette. You can choose a hat that gives volume to the sides with medium or wide edges.
  • For short faces, you can try to give it height with a medium-high cap hat. You should avoid flat or square caps that tend to shrink the silhouette. That is why we opt for hats like the Borsalino or Fedora. Thanks to these hats, you can create any style according to the different models and colours.
  • For square faces, soften the features of your face with rounded shapes. Look for bell or round hats with medium edges. Avoid cone-shaped hats that can accentuate wide jaws.
  • For the one with round head don’t choose a bowler hat that will accentuate your baby face. It is important to balance the proportions with unrounded hats with edges that are not excessively wide. The Fedora can be an option as well as the berets and the asymmetrical hats.

Now that you know that there necessarily is a hat made for you in our range, don’t hesitate and choose the right one!

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