The boater hat: its history

The canotier is an oval-shaped straw hat, with a flat cap bottom like its brim.

First of all, the name boater hat originates from an element of the summer uniform of sailors in the mid-19ᵉ century. This hat was used by canotieres, i.e., sailors who rode the boats of ships.

Later on, the canoe hat became popular among high society. They wanted to dress their children as little sailors.

Maurice Chevalier gave the boater its letters of nobility by wearing it so often that it became an integral part of his character. Thus, the “Twist du canotier” is like the anthem of this hat.

The “Hepbrun” boater hat is a classic. It is a combination of two types of hats and has the flat bottom of the boater’s cap and the wide brim of the floppy hat. But instead of being supple, it is stiffened by primers and a wire called brass.

The Belgian actress Audrey Hepbrun, who lived her youth in Brussels, was a great inspiration to the designer Fabienne Delvigne. Indeed, she admired her sober elegance.

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