The savoir vivre with a hat: When and how to wear this season's essential accessory?

The hat is the most popular accessory of this year. They became a must on the pictures of fashion events and now represents an essential accessory for a perfect style. Therefore, we will share with you our knowledge and advices about this topic through some articles.
The first one will focus on the event where hats are always welcome : weddings! With the approaching spring, wedding season arrives and reminds us the happiness of being part of these moments. No matter if the wedding takes place on the beach, in a countryside’s castle or in the heart of a big city, hats will always be appreciated.
Regardless if you are family or friends, wearing a hat will enhance your outfit. Who doesn't dream of wearing a unique creation made by Fabienne Delvigne during this kind of events?
Whether you are the mother or stepmother, you could wear a hat. It doesn't matter if the mother of your son-in-law wears a hat, you should not hesitate to put this beautiful accessory on your head. As the choice of clothing, wearing a hat is a personal choice that should not be influenced by nothing more than your taste for beautiful things.  
Regarding the maids of honour, it is always recommended to wear a hat, no matter if this information is mentioned on the wedding invitation. A gorgeous location, a glass of champagne, sublime women wearing sumptuous and tailor-made hats, are all essential elements for a successful wedding. The wearing of hats will give this event all its elegance.
Now that you are ready to adopt the hat, the question arises of the choice of creation’s design as well as the right moments to put it forward
Wether you are invited to the reception, lunch or dinner, the hat is, once again, welcome on the heads of the guests. For lunch, you can choose a big or small hat. However, when it is dinner time, the best attitude is to take off your big hat and choose a hair accessory. Indeed, after an intensive day, this accessory will bring a touch of glamour to your dress code. 
Now that you know everything about hats, do not hesitate and have a look on our new collection Origalines and our eshop! Hats will quickly become a trusty accessory that you will want to wear wherever you go!

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