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Unique collaborationwith «Les Carrières du Hainaut»

«Les Carrières du Hainaut» requested to Fabienne Delvigne to imagine their new stand for the Biennial of Interior Design of Kortrijk in Belgium and therefore produce an original interpretation of Belgian Blue Limestone through an unexpected design concept.

Fabienne Delvigne has accepted to leave her familiar world of fashion to enter the realms of construction materials and architecture. The result is an amazing blend between toughness, strength and hardness of the blue stone and elegance, lightness and refinement of the fashion world. 

Note: « Les Carrières du Hainaut » is a registered trademark. All items are published as part of the collaboration with Fabienne Delvigne House. Vidéo «Les Carrières du Hainaut» & «ACTV». Reproduction forbidden.

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